How to Get Started Diving

If you are drawn towards exploring the ocean and exotic species that inhabit it, scuba diving will become your favorite sport! Learning how to properly breathe while you’re diving is most important. It takes some time to become completely comfortable under water, but once you do – you’ll have so much fun as scuba diving is a unique adventure.


  • Determine If You Meet The Physical Prerequisites for Scuba Diving



As a precaution, you should go through certain tests in order to be completely sure that you are in a good condition for this sport. You aren’t expected to be experienced in sports, but you need to have basic physical strength. However, certain conditions might endanger health if overlooked. So, before starting with scuba diving, get informed about those medical conditions.


  • Choose a Scuba Diving Course


scuba diving tutorial

Just like with any other activity, you’ll need to learn some things to avoid any potential risks. You need to get familiar with guidelines while practicing this sport. Most courses will offer people to try diving in pools as well as in open water.



  • Buy or Rent Dive Gear


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For practicing this sport, you’ll need to possess certain pieces of equipment. Scuba gear has to fit you correctly and be well maintained. You are not required to buy the gear, as most courses provide the equipment. Therefore, you can choose to be fully equipped or to rent certain pieces or all of them. Many scuba divers never actually buy their own gear. Most opt for purchasing only a mask, fins and the wetsuit.



  • Learn Essential Dive Theory


diving under water

If you are going under water for the first time, you need to be prepared for certain changes. Water will affect your body. Most people are not prepared for this. So, get informed about the ways water impacts you and your gear for a great and safe diving experience.



  • Practice Simple Skills with an Instructor



So, when you check out your physical health, get your gear and learn more about being underwater, it’s time to finally start scuba diving. Your scuba instructor is going to teach you how to manage under water. You’ll need to learn how to clear the regulator and mask from water. You’ll also need to gain other skills, such as under-water communication and resolving potential issues. You’ll discover most common hand signals, safety check before you start diving, what would be the correct way to descend and much more.



  • Ask Away!



Throughout the process of learning scuba diving skills, you’ll certainly come across with some things that are difficult for you to do. When that happens, ask for explanations. Some of most common worries include:


  • How can you prevent mask from getting foggy?

  • Is it possible for people with breast implants to scuba dive?

  • What about getting sick underwater and needing to vomit?

  • How deep are you allowed to dive?

  • What about the urge to urinate?

Get as much information as possible so that you would have an exciting and completely safe scuba diving experience!